** $100 minimum charge

Rug cleaning is available in your home.  

$1 per square foot

                  440.623.9045     419.297.8026

                                  CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO

Pet Treatments for urine removal available for 50 cents per square foot

Carpet typically takes 8-10 hours to dry depending on humidity.

Please be careful when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces--you may slip.


Stain Guard, urine treatments, and counter rotating brushing available

We're ready to make your home the cleanest it's ever been.

  Use this Carpet Cleaning Checklist to Prepare

for Your Cleaning

  • Pick up small items

  • Remove breakables from the room

  • Secure dogs and cats in another area of the  house

  • Move furniture you want cleaned underneath-- technicians do not move furniture

  • Vacuum before technicians arrive

  • Turn down heat- working with hot steam in a hot house is not good conditions for our techs

We also offer pet treatments and all natural green products

Please note:

***We cannot clean your carpets if your home has  well water.  Our truck mount equipment cannot filter well water.

*** We tie into your water supply

*** We cannot accommodate apartments higher that the 3rd floor and must be able to tie into the building's water


Our state of the art truck-mounted equipment utilizes the hot water extraction method to clean your carpets and reduce drying time. Enjoy deep clean results that removes ground-in dirt and stains while eliminating odors. Our professionally trained and IICRC certified technicians are dedicated to providing you the very best cleaning for an honest price.  We stand behind our work and our pricing.  Find out why we are the best carpet cleaning in Cleveland and Toledo!